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5 Steps to Keep Your Carpet Clean

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Carpets accumulate most of the dirt in your house. Hence, they can be thought of as a filter for the impurities. Therefore, it is highly necessary to keep these soft furnishings clean or opt for carpet cleaning services so that they do not wear out, ruin the look of your home or become a hotbed of germs, etc.

Apart from regular professional carpet cleaning services, there are plenty of other ways you can keep the carpets in your home clean. You can regularly vacuum them, wear different footwear inside the house, use doormats and soak up spills immediately.

Take a look at the ways in which you can keep your carpet clean.

5 Steps Opt for Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are expensive and hence keeping them clean for the long term is your prerogative. In this short and simple blog, we will describe how you can keep your carpets clean for the long term.

  1. Hire professional carpet cleaning services

The best and the simplest way to keep your carpets clean is by hiring carpet cleaning services. These professional services can maintain your carpets, keeping them clean for longer while protecting them from fraying or getting destroyed. Steam Vac Green is such a company that will use professional carpet cleaning services with steam cleaning and green cleaning to give your carpets a tidy, hygienic and fresh look.

  1. Don’t wear outdoor shoes inside the house

It’s time to adopt some Asian culture by taking off your outside shoes at the entrance to the house and entering in with home footwear. Footwear worn outside tends to get muckier. Hence, removing them at the entrance of your house, instead of traipsing in with them can protect carpets from dirt, grime and dust.

  1. Regular vacuuming

Regular vacuuming can help to keep your carpets tidy and in order. You should come up with a vacuuming schedule and stick to it. Invest in a high-quality vacuum machine that will suck up the dirt quickly and leave the carpets clean.

  1. Soak Up the Spills Immediately

In case you have kids, note that spills are an inevitable part of your life. So soak up the spills at the right time and dab at them instead of rubbing them into the fibres of the rugs. However, if you do fail to protect your carpet, enquire about carpet cleaning services and they will take care of the stain removal.

  1.  Make Copious Use of Doormats

Wherever possible make use of doormats. Doormats are the perfect soft furnishing where you can wipe off dirt before entering a room. Hence, you can make use of doormats in high traffic areas for the cleanliness of the rooms.


Professional carpet cleaning services can keep your home looking fresh, neat and totally tidy. Opt for them regularly to make sure your carpets last longer and look nicer!