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5 Ways to Pick the Best Commercial Cleaning Services

5 ways to pick the best commercial cleaning services

When it comes to cleaning companies, people usually opt for the cheapest service. After all, why shell out hard-earned money for commercial cleaning services when all they do is clean?

They could not be more wrong!

Know where you are putting your money, do thorough research, as this cleaning relationship is going to help increase productivity in the workplace and bring peace of mind at home. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at the 5 ways to pick the best commercial cleaning company. 

1) Ask Around or Search Online

The best way to find a commercial cleaning company is to ask around or search online. If you own an office, ask other offices around you who does their cleaning and if they are happy with the service or not. Then you can talk to that cleaning company. 

If you want your estate or home deep cleaned, then ask friends and family for names, and create your list of potential cleaning companies. Also, you can search online for potential cleaning services. 

2) Get a Detailed Price Quote

While you do not have to go with the cheapest option, you can get a price quote from each prospective cleaner on your list. Check and see who is charging a nominal value and who is offering you more services. Ask also for a price break-up and see if the services are a value for money. 

Once you have a price quote, you can pick and choose the company that fits your budget. 

3) Will They Work Around Your Timing?

This is a very important question for you to ask the cleaning company. They mustn’t have timings that clash with your work hours. They should be able to accommodate you before you start work or after you close for the day. Hence, make sure the timings match. 

4) Material Data Safety Sheets

Ask the cleaning company for the material data safety sheets, which is an important sheet of data that tells you what are the types of chemicals that are being used. Every company that works with cleaning equipment should maintain the Material Data Safety Sheet, hence ask for it and check if they are not using any harmful chemicals.  

5) Do They Vet Their Staff? 

Lastly, ask the cleaning company how do they vet their staff. This is very important as you will be trusting these persons on your premises and they should be above reproach. Also, ask if they are insured. 

Hence, with these 5 tips, you can hire the best commercial cleaning services in the NYC area. Make sure you build a long, lasting relationship with whoever you hire, as you will reap benefits from it in the long run. 

Steam Vac Green is one such cleaning service in the NYC area. We hope you choose to work with us for office and home cleaning.