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Affordable Cleaning Services in Brooklyn NY from Steam Vac Green

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Keeping your house clean can be quite a challenge especially if both partners are working and have kids and pets in tow. Hence, you will often find that choosing affordable cleaning services in Brooklyn NY can be something of a lifesaver.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can rely on professional cleaning services to help keep your home spick and span and maintain appearances. Moreover, if you are looking for deep cleaning services as is the norm nowadays, you will find that Steam Vac Green will be your first choice for any cleaning service you may require.

In this blog, we will look at the services Steam Vac Green offers in Brooklyn New York.

About Steam Vac Green

Steam Vac Green serves the New York Tri-State area and is a reputed cleaning company that uses many green cleaning techniques and steam cleaning to achieve perfect results every time. Their most important concern is to get the job done to the satisfaction of the customers. Hence, you can choose SVG’s green and steam cleaning services today!

What Are the Services Offered by Steam Vac Green?

The services offered by SVG are as follows:

Carpet Cleaning Services in Brooklyn NY

Popular cleaning services Brooklyn NY, Steam Vac Green, perform carpet cleaning. So if you have any kinds of special rugs like Persians or other Orientals you can count on SVG to take care of the same. They will also take care of carpets in the hallways and other places.

Cleaning Floors and Upholstery

Apart from rugs and carpets, this company also takes care of the cleaning of floors and upholstery. Floorings can be of different types like marble, stone, wood, etc., and the company is fully competent to handle any kind of flooring and upholstery.

Residential Cleaning

This company offers complete residential cleaning. It means they will clean your home with proper certified green cleaners. Your house will be left completely tidy and pristine because of the residential cleaning from SVG.

Green Cleaning

The highlight of Steam Vac Green’s cleaning services is that they make use of green cleaning. Caring for the environment is a big part of this company’s ethos and they support it by cleaningcleaning services Brooklyn NY only with green cleaning materials. They make their own cleaning solutions that are certified for use on any kind of sealant.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is another area of expertise of cleaning services in Brooklyn NY, SVG. In steam cleaning, they use steam and detergents to clean floors and carpets. Moreover, they also use green certified liquids.


Apart from offering residential cleaning services Brooklyn NY, Steam Vac Green also offers commercial cleaning and restaurant deep cleaning. These services can also be utilised by you in the Brooklyn area.

Hence, the best way to keep your home clean and tidy is to offload the task to a professional cleaning company. They will take responsibility for your cleaning tasks and leave behind a home that is welcoming and perfect to live in.