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How to Deep Clean an Office

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Post-COVID-19 and the reopening of offices, many companies and small businesses in the New York Tristate Area would like to have their premises deep cleaned.

Deep cleaning involves two things. One is cleaning and the other is disinfecting. Both go hand-in-hand to create a space that is clean, conducive to work and healthy.

You can opt for office cleaning services from us at Steam Vac Green, and we will help you to keep your office clean, sanitised and tidy so you can welcome your employees to pristine premises.

Steps to Office Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning an office requires a team effort, however, if you opt for commercial cleaning services you can get the work done easily in record time. Moreover, the quality of the work will be top-notch which is sure to keep your employees happy.

  • Step 1: Clear out Everything

This step involves clearing out every single thing on the office premises, like all the desks of clutter, bags, documents, and folders. These should be removed and placed outside or in storage. Moreover, use the opportunity to de clutter, sort out and arrange items.

  • Step 2: Taking out all the furniture

Steam Vac Green’s office cleaning services will then begin to shift furniture. You can then see how certain areas of the office have been vacuumed and cleaned while others have not. Hence, if you notice light and dark patches on the floor, know that the deep cleaning has come just in time for you!

  • Step 3: Dust

Now it’s time to dust the rooms and wipe off all layers of dirt, cobwebs, and grime. Pay special attention to the pantry and the bathrooms. Grime and grit have a way of frequenting these places so these need to be cleaned properly with clean cloths.

  • Step 4: Disinfect

It’s time to disinfect the spaces! We will use green cleaning cleaners and detergents, for the same. Once the place is disinfected and cleaned, we may use steam cleaning for the carpets as you see fit. Our office cleaning services will ensure that you receive a sparkling and tidy office at the end of the disinfection process.

  • Step 5: Putting Back Everything in Its Place

After disinfection, we will put everything back in its place, including the furniture, the folders, bags and everything we had removed in Step 2. Once it’s all neatly arranged to your liking, we consider the job done.


Deep cleaning is the latest trend, post-COVID-19. Many people are opting for this type of cleaning as it does a thorough job and gives a spectacular finish to the premises.

Apart from deep cleaning, you can also opt for regular office cleaning services which will keep the dust and dirt off the desks, machines, and chairs every day.

So do contact our cleaning services for the best office deep cleaning today!